The Last Castle: To Arms, My Lord!

Gear up for the newest multiplayer co-op game from Armor Games! The last castle needs your help from hordes of menacing enemies, and its up to you and your crew to defend it. Control the powerful knight, with crushing melee and strength. Take aim with the deadly ranger, with ranged attacks and firepower. Or take charge of the merciless magician, with his powerful spells and healing. Whoever you choose, when daylight ends the enemies will be out. Customize your characters, find friends, and team up to defend the castle!


The Last Castle in the Press

"Horde Blames Bad Lighting for Lost Battles"
Regardless of strength in numbers, the horde is having trouble infiltrating the castle. Their most recent reason: "It's too dark." With all their attacks happening at night, it's not surprising that the forces are being routed so easily by the happily hacking and slashing defenders (denizens of the Last Castle, all).

"The Arrow Mystery Continues"
Firing hundreds of arrows in a single evening, the mystery of the Archer's arrow bag continues. Where exactly do all these arrows come from? "He's only got one arrow in his quiver… it just doesn't make sense," explains Wizard.

"Polls are in: Magician Voted 'Most Likely To Run Away From Fight'"
Eeking out a majority of the popular vote, Magician has been voted the most likely to backpedal from battle, an unsurprising turn of events as the Magician is as meaty as a garden salad.

"Castle Futures Look Dim"
With only one last castle left to defend, the castle goods sector has plummeted and analysts are warning investors to be cautious.

"'I Have Feelings Too,' Knight Explains"
The knight is finally feeling the emotional trauma of always being sent out first as the punching bag. With great bulk comes great responsibility, but has the emotional weight become too much to take?